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A moment of reflection?

October 6, 2010

In recent times the concept of reflection has become increasingly important for the regulated professions, and the accountancy sector is no different.  CIMA, ICAEW and CIPFA all ask for elements of reflection as part of their mandatory CPD schemes.

Taking time to reflect either on your learning needs or on a piece of learning that you have undertaken can make a real difference to the effectiveness of the experience. By taking knowledge or skills that you have learned and considering;

  • how you might apply them in your job,
  • what you might have done differently in the past or
  • how they might impact in your future work behaviour,

…you can move a learning experience from being merely remembering and understanding, to applying, analysing and even evaluating.  And you can bring about change.

In online CPD reflection is even more important to ensure learners have a genuine learning experience – not just a passive encounter with a talking head or text and quizzes. courses all incorporate the ability for learners to reflect. By using scenarios, case studies and drawing on learners’ real life experience, we create learning that genuinely stimulates and challenges. Our aim is to really make you think. provides high quality online CPD courses which can be used as verifiable CPD for UK professional bodies.

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